ðŸŽ§ Ravelights listen to live music and punch to the beat. They are wearable, flexible and bright as hell ðŸŽ§ 

ravelights are now live!

Ravelights have 3️⃣ modes


💥 Dance Mode – listens to your surroundings and punches to the music

💓 Solid – shines as bright as you

💢 Pattern – Waves, flickers, beats and animates

ravelights come in 5 Bright colours


💎 crystal white

💚 cyber green

🔮 neon pink

🌊 Ocean blue

🔥 fire red


tech specs


🎸 state of the art beat detection

🧘 flexible, wearable and customizable

🔋 24+ hour battery in dance mode

❤️ made with love by canadians

🤟 night mode for chill vibes

⚡️ USB C for charging

🔌 smart battery monitoring

🤓 designed by engineer drop outs who like to party


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