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Hereís the important stuff. Please read it. (There will be an exam)



HOLD to turn on

HOLD to turn off

PRESS once to change modes (while powered on)


DOUBLE PRESS to check battery life. Each flash = 25%: 4x flashes = 100% charge. You can double press to check battery life even when Ravelights are turned off. Rapid flashing = battery critical.

TRIPLE PRESS To activate Night Mode. Night Mode dims the LED in all modes for chill vibes.


When Ravelights are turned off, you can press the button once to wake up for a few seconds. This shows you itís alive and well. You need to hold the button to turn it on fully. Even when Ravelights are off, you can double press the button to check battery %.



(Press the button once while on to cycle through modes)

Solid: Static LED. Shines as bright as you. Doesnít do anything else

Pattern: Random flickers and shakes and wobbles. Ravelights does whatever it wants

Dance: Advanced beat detection. Beats to live music and makes you look incredibly cool



Ravelights use Type C to charge because micro-USB is horrible and should be burned to a firey crisp.

>The case will glow RED when charging

>The case will glow BLUE when fully charged

*Ravelights get warm in general. Make sure the vents always have space to breath, especially when charging.

>Dance mode: 12+ hour Battery Life

>Solid & Pattern: 2-4 hours. Extend battery life significantly by using Night Mode

**Never charge Ravelights Unattended**


Important stuff you should read but research shows that you probably wonít


>Ravelights love subwoofers. Bluetooth speakers and smaller sound systems will work, but Ravelights have been tuned specifically for BIG BASEY sound systems. To get smaller speakers to work better, try cranking the volume. Imagine a few nerds sitting with a laptop at a rave tuning some led strips. Yeah, that was us so you can have fun. Youíre welcome.

>*Use the original cable* Third party cables are not guaranteed to work. If you insist, test your third party cable before packing Ravelights for a trip.

>Ravelights will not charge with USB Dower Delivery.

>This part is important. Battery storage: (Most manuals wonít tell you this, but the person who wrote this is an engineer so listen up) Store Ravelights at ~75% charge. (3 flashes when you check battery life≠ by double pressing the button) If you donít, the internal LiPo battery will degrade, puff, and not provide good battery life. Puffy batteries can explode. This is physics, you canít fight it, all LiPo batteries are like this. Storing LiPo batteries fully charged is the #1 thing that kills batteries. Flake Technologies Inc. is not responsible for puffy batteries, degraded performance and all possible outcomes that are caused by improper storage.

>Ravelights are sensitive to constant background noise like fans and air conditioners. Dance Mode is not guaranteed in these environments. Dance mode is also not guaranteed to work reliably while charging. Damn physics.

>Ravelights are designed to be worn and flex as you move around. Do not swing, kink or excessively bend Ravelights! Ravelights are flexible but excessive flexing and any strain on the LED may cause dead spots. This is physical damage and not covered.


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Thank you again for supporting Ravelights, we love you. <3

(there is no exam)


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